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Using Ghost Browser to Speed Up SumoMe Installation

I like to practice what I preach and using Ghost Browser as your every day browser is something that I preach for all tech professionals. Here’s why.

After being on their email list for over a year without buying, I finally took the plunge into testing out the massive suite of marketing apps offered by SumoMe a couple of weeks ago. Today I was working on installing and configuring them on the GhostBrowser web site. And you know what, I’m glad I was actually using Ghost Browser to do the work, because it saved me a lot of time.

You see, SumoMe has these highly customizable pop up windows that I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere on the internet. Everyone uses them. They are highly effective, but they have a lot of options that took me some trial and error to understand before I knew exactly how I wanted to implement them. But the problem is that the pop-ups also have display settings that control how often the pop up will show.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is a great feature for web site owners that don’t want to annoy their customers. But it can make the set up and testing rather cumbersome for guys like me.

Enter Ghost Browser.

You know Ghost Browser gives you the option of instantly opening a tab that has a fresh, empty cookie jar any time you want. With just that information, can you guess how I used it to speed up my implementation of the SumoMe pop up window?

Here’s the answer:

Pretty neat, eh?

How about you? What popular SaaS services or web sites have you used Ghost Browser with or do you plan on using it with? Let us know here because there are always tweaks we can make to streamline your day!



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