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Case Studies

Get an in-depth look at how Ghost Browser can help every department in your company be more productive!

Ghost Browser Supports Great Support Teams

Frontline Eduction support team closes 7% more tickets and prevents agent burnout with Ghost Browser

At a time when we were changing a lot of internal systems and total productivity was down 3% company-wide, Ghost Browser users saw a 4% increase in the number of support tickets closed through our chat channel alone. For us a lot of the value was the ability to feel more confident taking on more tickets at once and not get burnt out.

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Social Media Managers Manage More with Ghost

Elisa Vazquez turned 10-11 hour work days in to 8-9 hour work days.

The waits (logging in and out of Twitter) add up. Ghost Browser saves 35-40 minutes of log in and log out time per day. I love that I can just get into something and I’m not wasting time. My 10-11 hour days went down to 8-9 hour days.

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Quality QA Testing Processes with Ghost Browser

TeamSnap tests, fixes and re-tests issues faster with Ghost Browser.

Hitting a blocker issue while QA testing creates hesitation over whether to wait or close your tabs down and switch to a new task. What if the developer gets right back to you? “With Ghost, I don’t have that hesitation. If a developer for a higher priority project unblocks me, I can switch back and I’ve not lost any of the work in either project. I’m already logged in and I have my tabs set up for when I’m ready to switch back and forth.

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Web Developers Developing Productive Habits with Ghost Browser

Where Chrome and Toby Tabs failed, Bruno Skvorc uses Ghost Browser to juggle many projects at once

Bruno faced the issue of Chrome crashing due to tab bloat when he was working on several major projects at once. Toby Tabs didn’t solve his problem, so he turned to Ghost Browser. “The major upgrade with Ghost Browser was that I could just easily and safely save my tabs into Workspaces. It’s saved me a bunch of hours.

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