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Ghost Browser Pricing and Plan Options

Three for Free

The free version of Ghost Browser allows you to have up to four Identities.*

*The default Identity, is one then you can use any combination of three temporary or permanent Identities.


You can get unlimited Identities by upgrading below.

Subscriptions can be paid with Crypto!

Free Version

Free Forever
  • Up to four different Identities
  • Default Identity, plus any combination of three temporary and permanent Identities
  • No credit card required
  • No signup required
  • No Login or Account required
  • Ghost Proxy Control included for assigning proxy by Workspace or Identity (not by tab)
  • Immediate setup
  • We don't track your browsing
  • We don't ever collect or sell your browsing data
  • Upgrade anytime

Basic Plan

from $ 21 per month (when paying annually)
  • Does NOT include Ghost Proxy Control
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited Identities
  • Unlimited Temporary Identities
  • Open Multiple Workspaces at Once
  • Incognito Mode
  • User Profiles
  • Email and Docs Support

Pro Plan

from $46 per month (when paying annually)
  • Includes everything in basic, plus...
  • Ghost Proxy Control, so you can...
  • Asssign a different proxy to each tab
  • Assign a different proxy to each Identity
  • Assign a different proxy to each Workspace
  • Browse the web from multiple countries
  • Great if you have international clients
  • Priority Email Support

Interested in Ghost Browser for Enterprise?

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