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Want to know what we're working on and how we determine priorities? Have a look here for a general overview and some specifics of what you can expect next from Ghost Browser.

Our General Priorities

Our primary goal is to make Ghost Browser the most productive tool you use. The browser is a tool that touches EVERYTHING we do as technology professionals and we built Ghost because we found traditional browsers to be inefficient and insufficient for our daily work.

Our priorities with Ghost are as follows:


This is the bread and butter of Ghost Browser. Even a three-second distraction can double your error rate in performing your daily tasks, according to academic studies and that can lead to a lot of bad things, including poor relationships with your co-workers. We are here to eliminate distractions and let you do great things, better.


Allow safe, fast browsing to complete your daily tasks. We built Ghost on top of Chromium to ensure a strong community focused on security. We only add tested Chromium updates to the browser to help you minimize the risk of security issues. (We of course also recommend that you only install trusted extensions and apps to this end). That said, you can install any tools in the Chrome web store.


We know browsing privacy is important. That's why we don't sell ads or depend on ad revenue AT ALL....not even search revenue. Why? Because if we sell ads, you become the product...and then we'd have to distract you to be successful (See "Productivity" above). Because we don't sell ads, we do not track your browsing habits at all. In fact, the only way we know what sites you look at in Ghost Browser is if you submit a bug report and choose to send us the URLs open at the time you had an issue....and it's easy to disable this when you send the report.

Ease of Use

We don't want you to rework your entire life just to use Ghost Browser. So, we've kept our interface as close to Chromium as possible so you already know how to use it. Our basic features and extra features are dead simple (no pun) and not bloated. You can also install any Chrome extensions you already use and we have even created a simple import when you install the browser to bring all of your extensions in from Chrome.


Most regular browsers use a lot of memory. This is caused by a lot of different factors including number of tabs, number of extensions and the last time you closed the browser. By letting you separate your daily tasks, you can decrease memory usage and make your computer work faster so YOU can also work faster. Read more about this below.

What we are working on now

In no particular order, here is what's coming up soon from Ghost Browser. Email us if you have other ideas.

Sync Everything, Share Everything

This one is a bear, but we are almost done with the first half. You can now sync your Workspaces, tabs, Identities, bookmarks, proxies and yes, even your cookies! You can sync this data across all devices you use the browser on. We still want you to be able to sync your autofill data and local storage as well. That's coming next and shortly after that we will enable sharing any of this data with another user.

Integrate with Anything

Our API is in its initial release which means that extensions, apps and YOU can now interact with Workspaces, Identities and all tabs. This will make the possibilities of Ghost Browser endless. If you are an extension or app developer and want to integrate your extension with Ghost Browser, this is a really good time to contact us.

Public API

There are so many awesome Chrome extensions out there that would be so much more awesome...if only they could communicate with our Identities and Workspaces! We've made that possible with the first releases of our public API and we're waiting to hear what else you want the API to be able to do so we can expand its capabilities.

The Little Things

We know small things make a HUGE difference when you are trying to be productive. So we know you need to rename, group, stack and collapse tabs whenever you want. And we'll let you do it in the context of your isolated cookie jars. We also know you want to integrate features of Ghost with your local development environment and integrate tabs with apps on your computer and with your other services like Google Apps. It's all coming.


Everyone does their job differently. Our workflows will let you sync with your other apps, customize your colors and project settings and much more. We'll even put out a custom "New Tab" setting that you can use to help you fire up new Projects and complete repetitive tasks with ease. Customization also means getting the browser in your own language. That's coming soon as well. If you want to translate stuff, please contact us.


Did We Miss Something?

We actually have a lot of other ideas, but we want to hear from you. Please contact us if there is something else you need.

Help Spread the Word

If you think this is a good browser please help spread the word about Ghost Browser. Please upvote us on Product Hunt or use this pre-populated Tweet to share.

Help Spread the Word

If you think this is a good browser please help spread the word about Ghost Browser. Please upvote us on Product Hunt or use this pre-populated Tweet to share.