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About Us

Ghost - v. to glide smoothly and effortlessly.

Too often technology gets in the way of great work. Nowhere is that more evident than if you look at the web browser space. There has been very little real innovation in this space - and even less that is geared toward people who rely on the web browser to do their jobs.

Until Ghost Browser, that is....

At Ghost Browser, we envision a world in which the global technology workforce can achieve great things at work, while still having the time and energy to have a balanced and fulfilling life outside of it.

We're tackling the productivity problem by revolutionizing the web browser for people who spend their days working in it.

We're tackling the 'browser-as-surveillance' problem by letting you use any ad blocker at any time and helping you isolate your browsing on sites like Facebook and Google so they can't track your other activity on the web.

Ghost Browser was created because our founders wanted to get their work done faster and better without the limitations and intrusion of the browsers that were available. We wanted to "glide smoothly and effortlessly" through our work day so we could get on with the other things that matter in life.

We hope you enjoy Ghost Browser and that it helps you be better at work and at play!

Ghost Browser is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and is the creation of a dynamic international team.