No More
Log into any website with multiple accounts
from one window


Ghost Browser is a

web browser

that helps you breeze
through your daily
tasks faster


Each group of tabs,

by color,

is its own browsing
session with its
own cookie jar


Ghost Browser is

built on

so it already works
like your favorite

Used By
Social Media
Plugin Developers
Membership Site Developers
Account Managers
Web Designers & Developers
Enjoy the following with Ghost Browser
Familiar Chromium interface means no learning curve
Stay organized with Ghost Groups
Boost your productivity
Use all of your favorite Chrome Apps and Extensions
Use with Mac OS X or Windows
Log in to one web site with many accounts simultaneously
Get Ghost Browser

yButton - Home Lower Half - Download

Import your Chrome extensions automatically. You'll be up and running in a couple of minutes.
Stop wrestling with
multiple browsers. One window
of Ghost Browser gives you the multi-session power you need
to boost your productivity. Larry Kokoszka, Founder

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