Why We Dumped Projects in Favor of Tasks in Ghost Browser 2.0

We’ve instituted a minor but very important change in Ghost Browser 2.0. Previously we allowed you to organize your TabLists into “Projects”. But we’ve changed “Projects” to “Tasks” in Ghost Browser 2.0. This is more than just a new name. It’s a new way of thinking. Projects are big, heavy, long-haul things. They have many pieces…

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Good Bug Reports Increase Team Productivity

tl;dr Bad bug reports cost your team time. Write and demand good bug reports using this checklist Short specific title Numbered steps to replicate Description of failed expectations Include your thoughts only at the right time Choose correct visual aids (screenshots vs screencasts vs nothing) Get your whole team on board Good Bug Reports Make…

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Bulk Licenses on Ghost Browser

If you’ve ever wanted your entire team to enjoy the productivity benefits of Ghost Browser, it is now much easier than ever. We just introduced two new features to the web interface that will help you and your team gets set up and manage a bulk-license account. The first thing you’ll notice is this: from…

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Sessions (for Multilogin)

Why Use Sessions This article will explain the ins and outs of achieving multilogin using Ghost’s primary core feature: Sessions. Sessions are important for productivity because they save you “hard” time and they help you maintain focus. What’s hard time? Well, when things go well it takes 15 seconds to log in and out of gmail, for…

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