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Multi-Accounting Identity Manager

Identities are the secret sauce to Multi-Accounting with Ghost Browser. They allow you to use a different cookie jar and browser fingerprints in separate silos so you can log in to multiple accounts at the same time on the same web site. The Identity Manager is a slick way to easily configure and manage all…

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Private Data Sync

In order to sync your data across different computers, major browsers need to store it somewhere. Conveniently, they can place it on their servers. We’re not really huge fans of that. So instead, we separate the storage from the browser and keep it on your local machine (not our servers) in a feature called Private…

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Good Bug Reports Increase Team Productivity

tl;dr Bad bug reports cost your team time. Write and demand good bug reports using this checklist Short specific title Numbered steps to replicate Description of failed expectations Include your thoughts only at the right time Choose correct visual aids (screenshots vs screencasts vs nothing) Get your whole team on board Good Bug Reports Make…

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