Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here!

By February 03, 2017

You asked for it, you got it! With the release of Version comes keyboard shortcuts. We built a custom keyboard shortcuts functionality that allows you to customize a set of commands unique to Ghost Browser functions and your installed extensions in order to speed up your work and boost productivity. Now you can do things like open a new Session, switch Projects, activate your favorite extension and more, all with your keyboard instead of having to use your mouse. To...

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Important Announcement about the Release

We’ll be releasing a new version of Ghost Browser in the next few days. With this next release, we’ll be disabling Incognito mode and Profiles. By design, Ghost Browser eliminates the need for you to use either Incognito or Profiles as Ghost Browser’s Sessions and Projects replace these antiquated functions. We wanted to give you a heads-up because once your browser updates in the next few days, you’ll lose any data associated with alternate...

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Why Every WordPress Professional Should Reconsider Their Default Browser

By January 03, 2017

I conceived of Ghost Browser as a solution to a set of problems that kept coming up in WordPress projects and making me say ‘there has to be a better way’. Day in and day out I realized that my web browser (Firefox, then Chrome about 6 months after it came out) was working AGAINST me. If you are anything like me, you want to do a great job on your work, do it quickly and get on with the other things in life that don’t require you be at your desk. At the...

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We’ve Enhanced the Browser’s Startup Behavior

In our last release that included the Projects feature, we removed the ‘Start where you left off’ feature because it conflicted with smooth running of Projects. That seemed to be a bigger issue than we thought it would be, so we accelerated our plans to replace the functionality. Today we released version, which adds a setting that will let you launch your home Project, automatically, when you open the browser. This is essentially the same as the pick up...

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We Know – It’s Weird to Pay for a Web Browser, But…

This past November I was at Web Summit in Lisbon learning some valuable lessons about privacy and running an exhibition booth for Ghost Browser. One very excited gentleman came up to us and said roughly “dude, do you realize how much money you can make selling everyone’s browsing data?!” I sighed, thought about where we had gone wrong in our booth messaging, then said, “Hi, I’m Larry. And thanks but that’s not what we are about. Ghost...

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Ghost Browser Premium Pricing Explained

We launched premium pricing for Ghost Browser yesterday and are extremely happy to see that our free beta users see so much value in the browser. We know it’s weird to pay for a browser, but we don’t think it’s weird to pay for a productivity tool – especially one that touches so much of what you do every day – like a browser. We set out to build a game changing tool that you can use in many ways and always get the benefit of faster, less...

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