Privacy Features Released in Version

The term, “20-20” usually refers to perfect vision. But version of Ghost Browser ironically means the opposite. From this version on, we’ve implemented some advanced privacy features that are intended to cloud the vision of people that might be trying to track you. Cookies and IP addresses have been used to track your usage…

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Introducing Identities

Today we are releasing the beta version of a feature called Identities. Identities are an evolution of Sessions and will live along side them. While Sessions are not going anywhere, we think that most users will find Identities to be their new ‘go to’ for managing multiple accounts. How to Use It Once you’ve updated,…

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Font Fingerprinting

You can be identified through various methods that use the fonts in your browser to create a unique identity or fingerprint. This allows you to be tracked over time in the same browser. One method is similar to Canvas fingerprinting where a web site will render a font in your browser then use the rendering…

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Canvas Fingerprinting

Canvas fingerprinting is a common method used to identify you when browsing the web. This method works by using HTML5 and JavaScript to draw a picture. You can’t see this picture. But once your browser renders it, the binary code used to generate the pixels creates a digital signature that is completely or largely different…

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WebRTC is a technology that is used to deliver communication capabilities such as video chat, screen sharing and some other really cool stuff. But in order to do that well, it also digs into your system internals to pull and reveal your actual IP address, even if you are using a proxy or a VPN.…

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WebGL and 3D APIs

WebGL is a JavaScript API that is used to provide 3D graphics in a browser even if the user doesn’t have plugins to provide this functionality. Very cool right? Well, not if you are going for privacy. Because that same technology can be used to make a fingerprint of your device to identify you as…

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Why We Dumped Projects in Favor of Tasks in Ghost Browser 2.0

We’ve instituted a minor but very important change in Ghost Browser 2.0. Previously we allowed you to organize your TabLists into “Projects”. But we’ve changed “Projects” to “Tasks” in Ghost Browser 2.0. This is more than just a new name. It’s a new way of thinking. Projects are big, heavy, long-haul things. They have many pieces…

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Good Bug Reports Increase Team Productivity

tl;dr Bad bug reports cost your team time. Write and demand good bug reports using this checklist Short specific title Numbered steps to replicate Description of failed expectations Include your thoughts only at the right time Choose correct visual aids (screenshots vs screencasts vs nothing) Get your whole team on board Good Bug Reports Make…

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