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The Productivity browser for people who WORK in the web!

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MakeUseOf on Ghost Browser

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Shopify on Ghost Browser

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Ghost Browser for Tech Pros

Use Cases

Ghost Browser can make all departments at your tech company become more productive and finish their work faster.

Gain a competitive edge without sacrificing security and with more browsing privacy than the major browsers.

It’s an enterprise-level solution for the most common productivity issues.

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Ghost Browser for SEO

Multilogin for High Powered SEO

Multilogin capabilities mean you can log in to multiple accounts in all of your Google products and others.

Manage your multiple clients or properties without wasting time on all of the ‘set up’ and transition tasks.

Sessions will give you clean search engine results with one click, Ghost Proxy Control lets you assign a different IP to each tab and Projects keep your properties separate and organized so you can deliver better results.

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Ghost Browser for Social Media Managers

Manage Multiple Social Accounts

Multilogin means you can log in to multiple accounts on all of your social media sites in one browser window. You can even assign a different IP address to each tab!

Agencies can use Projects to organize clients’ properties and stay logged in to all of them simultaneously for easy access!

Buffer is for publishing. TweetDeck and HootSuite are for listening. But for interacting, nothing beats Ghost Browser!

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Ghost Browser for Developers

Less Garbage, More Code

Programming requires that you store a lot of information in your short term memory to do your job effectively.

Don’t let mundane tasks like logging in and out of different user level accounts run static on your game!

Color-coded Sessions let you stay logged in to all user levels at once, in one browser window, so you can stay focused on the code.

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Ghost Browser for QA Testers

Never Logout Just to Login Again

Especially for those tests that can’t be automated, there is no better way to QA the web than to use multilogin capabilities.

Imagine a world where code is committed and with one click, you are logged in to every user level you need to test for – in one browser window.

We imagined that world. Then we built it. Combine the power of Sessions and Projects in Ghost Browser and crush your queue!

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Ghost Browser for Customer Support

Handle Multiple Clients with Ease

For most customer success professionals, handling multiple clients at once is not hard. If only the technology where there to support it!

Sessions allow you to handle and view multiple client accounts and tickets at once so you can close more customers faster. And without building complex internal single sign on solutions.

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Ghost Browser for Sales Teams

Easiest Custom Demos. Ever.

You want to deliver great custom demos without fiddling around or hiding private stuff in your browser. No problem.

Without setting up different users on your computer, you can prepare everything you need for each client.

Just set up a Profile for each client, save each demo you want to show them as a Project then fire it up in one second once the meeting starts.

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Ghost Browser 1-Minute Demo

Spend sixty seconds now to learn how to save hours every week.


Install Ghost and import your Chrome settings AND extensions in under 2 minutes.


Use Ghost Browser on Mac OSx and Windows. (Linux is on the roadmap)


Backed by 1,000s of Chromium open source developers around the world.


Our entire team participates in support and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Ghost Browser Productivity Features

Ghost Browser is built on Chromium so you already know how to use it.
Here are the features that really make it special.

Multi-Session Browsing

Say goodbye to the inefficient methods of using browser profiles, multiple browsers or browser extensions with bad interfaces just to log in to a web site with multiple different accounts.

The multilogin capabilities of Sessions are the solution you’ve needed the whole time and the only one you’ll ever need again.

Sessions are color-coded tabs that have isolated cookie jars so you can handle multilogin with ease – in one browser window. You can even name the Sessions to help you stay even more organized!

Once you start using Sessions, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Multi-Session Multilogin Browser
Ghost Browser Projects Keep You Organized

Projects Organize Your Day Like No Browser Has Ever Done

Whether it’s daily repetitive tasks, one-off major tasks or anything else, Projects will keep you focused and productive.

Use Projects to organize any set of related tabs. Whether it’s house shopping, QAing the same thing over and over or keeping all tabs related to your clients separate, Projects will keep you focused and on task.

Switching between tasks has never been so easy – You can even save Sessions so you will be logged into multiple accounts when you open a Project.

Ghost Browser Projects Keep You Organized

Built on a Familiar Platform - Chromium

Ghost is an alternate browser built on a familiar platform – Chromium.

That means three important things: It’s secure; You already know how to use it; and in less than a minute you can replicate your Chrome experience by importing all of your settings AND extensions.

You probably thought it would be hard to switch browsers. And normally you’d be right! But not when you are switching to Ghost.

Ghost Browser is Compatible with Chrome Extensions


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