Log In Multiple Times in One Window

Have you ever wanted to log into a website with different accounts at the same time? Well now you can do it and you don't need multiple browsers or profiles. It just takes one Ghost tab to do it and it all happens in one browser window.

Add Any Chrome Extension

Ghost Browser allows you to install any Chrome extension directly from the Chrome store. So you don't have to give up on your favorite productivity tools to make Ghost Browser your new every day browser.

A Browser That Supercharges Your Productivity

We built Ghost Browser because we wanted to be more productive. We wanted to do awesome work in less time. Studies have shown that when someone who is an expert at what they do gets distracted for even just 3 seconds, it can double their error rate in completing sequential actions. That means that when […]

Easy to Learn

Ghost Browser is built on the Chromium platform, so it has the familiar feel of Chrome. But, Ghost Browser has the added benefit of Ghost Tabs - allowing you to pop a new tab with a fresh cookie jar at any time.

Works on Mac OS and Windows (Linux is coming soon)

  You might be particular about your OS, but we are not. Ghost Browser is already available on Mac and Windows. The Linux version is coming soon (we’re pushing for the 4th quarter of 2016). What’s even better, your Ghost Browser license is portable so if you have multiple computers you can easily switch from […]

Ghost Groups Let You Isolate Your Cookie Jars (and more)

Ghost Groups let you open sets of tabs that share a cookie jar. Open up multiple Ghost Groups and you get multiple cookie jars! It's like having a bunch of browsers, but you are still in one window.

Ghost Browser has been a tremendous help to us. Being able to develop and test for several roles at the same time has given us amazing product development speed and overall a much tighter and productive workflow. It's actually surprising how much we've come to depend on Ghost... even for demos.

Marat Stary
Co-Founder and CEO, getPartnered.co
Web Development | QA | Product Demos

Ghost Browser is the future of browsing! It's a great tool for 'power users' as it provides efficient and expanded capabilities for working on many fronts simultaneously where authentication gateways typically cause user pain.

Beau Parry
Founder, BRIVAS.org