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Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

Have you ever needed to manage multiple Facebook accounts at the same time?

There is a very simple (and free) way of doing this for any of the many reasons you might need to.

Using Ghost Browser (free download here), you can manage multiple Facebook accounts without any special SaaS services. And without logging in and out. You can use this alternative browser just like you would use Chrome or Firefox with one awesome exception.

Using Identities to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

Open a New Session of FacebookWhen you open a new tab in Ghost Browser, you can optionally open it in a new Identity as shown in the image. The new Identity is a color-coded tab that has a separate cookie jar. This allows you to log into Facebook with multiple accounts. (Or any other site for that matter).

Because it all happens in one browser window (see image) it's a lot easier to manage multiple Facebook accounts in Ghost than it is to set up other complex tools. Ghost requires very little setup. If you are a Chrome user, you can download the browser, import all of your settings, bookmarks AND Chrome extensions. You'll have your Chrome experience replicated in about a minute or two. No joke! If you use another browser, you can still import everything but your extensions.

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts in Ghost BrowserPlus, when using a standard browser interface, you have the added advantage of using the native experience. The native Facebook experience tends to be easier to navigate than noisy tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Though we love both of those social media tools for many reasons.

Using Workspace to Keep Client Accounts Separate

Probably the best part about using Ghost to manage multiple Facebook accounts is that you can save all of your colored tabs to a Workspace. If you manage multiple accounts of your own, you can save them to a Workspace called "Social Media Management" or something like that.

If you work for a social media agency and have multiple clients that you manage accounts for, then you can save each Workspace as the client's name. Since Ghost isn't just for Facebook, you can save their Google accounts, Twitter accounts and anything else. When you fire up that client's Workspace, you will still be logged into their accounts. (Just note the gray tabs are Global tabs so those logins persist between Workspaces - so make sure you use colored tabs when you want to save different logins).

This strategy helps you open up a whole client Workspace instantly. You check on things, answer questions for them, then switch back to your regular work Workspace. Not having social media accounts open in your browser when you are trying to do work that requires heavy concentration is going to make you very productive.

Facebook of course has tools for letting you add admins to pages so that multiple people can manage business page. But whenever you do find yourself managing multiple Facebook accounts, Ghost Browser is the fast, native way to do it. Give it a shot with this free download.


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