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Simplify Intercom Setup with Ghost Browser

Even though I’m on the team that helped design and build Ghost Browser I’m still always finding new uses for it. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a new situation comes up that gives me a chance to leverage Ghost Browser’s features.

The Cookie Problem

One of those happened today. We were implementing Intercom for customer support. They have awesome controls on exactly where, when and under what conditions you might see their message. There is a major problem when you are testing though. Because your cookies prevent you from experiencing the Intercom messages as a brand new user more than once.

This post shows exactly how Ghost made this testing pain free for us. But note that this is just an example. It also applies to any other cookie-based feature that you are testing. For example, any time- or session-based pop ups on your web site or split testing experiments.

Testing Intercom on the Web

Intercom’s message display controls are great. But one of the conditions we were implementing was ‘Only show this to a site visitor once per day’. So it made testing incredibly difficult.

Without Ghost Browser you would have to do one of the following to do this testing:

  • Clear your cookies, which also logs you out of email and whatever else you were logged into in your browser.
  • Open a new browser for each time you wanted to test it
  • Set up and open a new profile for each test you want to run.

These methods are time-consuming, messy, and rather inconvenient.

But with Ghost, it’s as simple as *right click–>Duplicate (new Session)*.

Duplicate into New Session

The easy way to get a fresh Session.

Each Session provides a new cookie jar so you can test as much as you want!

Video Demo of Intercom Testing

Here’s a quick video of this process in Ghost Browser that also shows you how Ghost Proxy Control lets you easily do similar tests when you need not only cookies, but also IP addresses, to be different.

More Awesome Tips

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