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Social Media Managers Managing More with Ghost Browser

The Client

Elisa Vazquez is the Social Media Manager for the digital marketing and event agency Elevate My Brand in Toluca Lake, CA. She helps major brands like Paw Patrol and Squishmallows engage with their customers and fans by handling engagement on social media.

The Problem

While in an ideal world we could all focus on one thing at once, that’s not the case for most people who are working in the web and Elisa is no exception.

Because she manages up to nine clients at a time she needs high powered access to social media networks and needs to access them quickly.

One of my biggest stress points was the thought that ‘Ok, now I have to log into Twitter under 15 accounts’. The waits add up. The log in time for me is huge.

Failed Solutions

Before Ghost, Elisa used two common methods for multiple logins. First was the straightforward and standard protocol: Log out of one account, then log back in with the next.

She would also sometimes use multiple browsers, logging into a different Twitter account in each browser. This meant she was limited to the number of Twitter accounts she could manage by the number of browsers she had. It also meant that she had to run many browsers at once and keep track of which accounts were open in which browsers.

This was not a very efficient way for Elisa to manage so many client accounts when she needed to focus on providing a great experience for her clients’ fans.

Further, she previously used Chrome, but was always concerned about security.

The Ghost Browser Solution

We could knock out training for all of our clients in one sitting.

Elisa switched to the premium version of Ghost Browser and became a power user of the Identities features. Now she can be logged into all of her client’s Twitter accounts at the same time in one browser window. Elisa estimated that Ghost Browser saves her 35-40 minutes per day on log in and log out time alone, plus another couple of hours each month when she does reporting.

And she’s getting out of the office faster too. “With Ghost Browser, I went from 10-11 hour days to 8-9 hour days.”

“It’s visually easier for me to be Tweeting from my desktop. I’m spending 3-4 hours per day going through and responding to people or sending FAQs, uploading images and trying to fight fires. And it’s so much easier to just switch over to a new Identity.”

“I love that I can quickly get into something and I’m not wasting time.”

Elisa also uses Ghost Browser for training interns saying that with Ghost's Identities “We could knock out training for all of our clients in one sitting.”