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Web Developers Developing Productive Habits with Ghost Browser

The Client

Bruno Skvorc is a busy blockchain and web developer and founder. In addition to running his own cryptocurrency web site at, he’s also a senior editor for SitePoint, a developer evangelist for, and a consultant-for-hire, which means he needs to shift focus from one project to another multiple times every day.

The Problem

As with anyone who might be juggling different companies – or even different projects in the same company – he faced a problem that we can all relate to: browser tab bloat!

I would switch between three jobs per day every single day, so my browser would get crowded with the tabs of each job and at the end of the week I’d have 50 tabs for each job in one browser window.

That’s a familiar scenario for many people who work in the web. Not only is it hard to find the right tabs and stay focused on the ones you need right now, but for power users like Bruno, it becomes an issue of computer resources too.

When previously using Chrome, Bruno would get to the end of the week with all of his tabs opened at once “this would inevitably usher in the collapse of the browser and the loss of all the tabs.”

Few things are more frustrating than having to reset your workspace for that many projects and that many tabs.

Failed Solutions

Bruno tried solving this problem with the popular Toby Tabs extension in Chrome. “Toby has almost the same thing (as Ghost Browser Workspaces) but it’s much clunkier to use and sometimes it doesn’t remember the tabs.”

And Toby requires manual maintenance of tab lists to keep them updated as you continue to browse the web. “With Toby, I had to manually remove the tabs to update each Identity because it doesn’t keep them in sync.”

This manual work can be mundane and time consuming.

The Ghost Browser Solution

Bruno switched to the Ghost Browser premium version and now he can easily switch among the many projects he has to manage on any given day.

The major upgrade there was that I could easily and safely save these tabs into Workspaces. It’s saved me a bunch of hours.

By separating the tab lists for each project into Workspaces, Bruno can now pull up all of the relevant tabs he needs to do deep work on the project he is focused on at the moment. Further, Ghost saves any new tabs he adds to his Workspaces automatically which solves the problem of manually maintaining his tab list like he had to do with Toby.

Now, he can always pick up where he left off the last time he was working on a certain project.

Perhaps best of all, he can browse confidently knowing that Ghost Browser can handle the load. His previous load of 150 tabs being opened at once is a thing of the past so there is no worry about the browser crashing.

Because of the Workspace splitting, he gets a more stable experience and better performance than he had with Chrome. “Ghost is using less RAM than Chrome too, which I like.”