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New: “Multi-Extension” Allows Separate Extension Instances per Identity

Multi-Extension brings Web3 Multi-Accounting feature to Ghost Browser

We’ve been hard at work on a new feature called Multi-Extension. You can use it to run a separate instance of extensions, isolated per Identity. It was released in our latest version (2.3.0) this months so you can start using it now*.

That means you can now have separate settings or accounts for extensions based on the context of the Identity that you are in. Yes, that’s pretty dope and we don’t know how else you can do it!

Please note that in the initial release, the only extension this works for is MetaMask. This allows for Web3 multi-accounting with sites that allow for MetaMask authentication. Read more about it here.

We will add more support for more extensions in the Multi-Extension feature once this release is out in the wild for public beta. To request that an extension be added to our Multi-Extension compatibility list, please contact us through the browser (Menu dots –> Report an Issue). Be sure to include a link to the extension in the Chrome store and we’ll look into it.

To start using Multi-Extension now, please read the setup and usage documentation here.

Version 2.3 also has a fix for the 1Password issue some Mac users were experiencing.

*Please note: It seems a lot of users did not do a previously required manual update. If you are ‘stuck’ on version, please do a one-time manual update to get caught up. You can check your version number by clicking Menu–>About Ghost Browser.

If you need to do a manual update, don’t worry, you don’t have to lose all of your data or setup. Just follow these instructions to preserve your data.

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