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Opening Multiple Workspaces in Ghost Browser

We love that users are already starting to push the limits of Workspaces. We are getting a lot of requests for opening two Workspaces at once and to be honest, there is a trick that I didn’t know about until our lead developer hit me upside the head with it the other day.

See, when, I conceived of Ghost Browser, I did it because I was sick of using Workspaces. They were a pain to set up, my extensions were always out of sync and soon I had so many Profiles, it was hard to remember what was what and for which project.

Profiles is the feature through which you can open multiple Workspace at once.So when we got our first alpha build of Ghost Browser almost two years ago, I swore I’d never use Chrome’s Profiles (or “People” feature) again and didn’t work it into any of my testing. I even battled the dev team to disable them completely!

I’m glad I lost that argument because Profiles is the feature through which you can open multiple Workspaces at once. To achieve this, just click the “Person 1” item in the top right of your browser. It looks like this:

 – Windows   – Mac

For full set up instructions, please visit this support article.

I use this so I can have my regular workspace, but also have demos ready to go for potential clients, current clients and whenever I need to make a quick video without putting all of my personal stuff out on the web.

You’ll probably find it most useful for categorizing large chunks of work. Maybe you assign one contextual identity to each Profile: Personal, Work, Research. Maybe you and your spouse both get a Profile. Maybe each of your clients gets a Profile. It all depends on how you need to use Ghost to get your work done best.

You can really use it to fine-tune your productivity in Ghost. Those of you who believe Slack and Email should be closed when you are working might stick with one Workspace, but if you need to have an eye on things, you can have a Profile with just email and Slack open so it’s easy to access and easy to hide.

Heck, you can even create a Profile called ‘Distractions’ and put everything that people can use to bug you in that Profile / Workspace. You can open it when you need distractions – and you know you need them sometimes – and close it when you don’t. It’s complete distraction management control!

It’s also a good way to have Profile for your business and Profile for your client’s business open at the same time.

So, while we argue that Workspaces, in general are a replacement for Profiles, and indeed built them this way, There are uses for having two Profiles going at once. Especially if they are used to separate things Work vs. Life. Or Work vs Client Work. Or SEO vs Development. The broader the contextual identity is, the more likely you should be using Profiles to get those multiple Workspaces open.

Let us know how you are using Profiles in the comments!


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