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Identity Manager

Identities are the secret sauce to Ghost Browser, allowing you to separate your browsing across different accounts on the same web site, among other things.

How to Use It

To get started just click the Identity Manager extension icon. It's this handsome-looking guy:

He'll be somewhere around here on your extension tool bar.

Just click the icon and follow the instructions to set up your first Identity.

The Difference Between Identity types

There are three types of Identities: Default, Temporary and Permanent, each with their own use. Default is the Identity you are working in when you open Ghost Browser - think of this as your "use Ghost like any other browser" Identity. Temporary Identities separate your browsing data in a quick and dirty way and when you close all the tabs in those Identities, the cookie jars are destroyed, leaving not a trace. Permanent Identities store your cookies and other data over time so you can go back to that browsing experience a day, week or month later.

The chart below will give you more detailed information.

Feature The Default Identity Identities Temporary Identities
Cookie JarsPermanent AND shared across all Workspaces. The Default Identity works like tabs in a normal browser where there's one cookie jar across the whole browser.Permanent. When you create an Identity, the cookie jar is saved permanently even if you close all tabs in it.Not permanent. If you close all purple tabs, that cookie jar is destroyed and you'll get a new cookie jar the next time you open them.
Tab ColorsThe plain old gray color of the tabs tells you these tabs work like the "plain old" browsers.You select the colors for all of your tabs so you can assign more meaningful colors to your Identities.25 colors are pre-selected for you and that limits that number of Temporary Identities you can have per Workspace.
Global Across WorkspacesGlobal. The Default Identity shares one cookie jar across the whole browser.Global. Identity tabs share the same cookie jar no matter what Workspace they are in.Not global. A purple tab in one Workspace has a separate cookie jar from purple tabs in other Workspaces.


With temporary Idenitities, cookie jars are temporary and have colors pre-selected by us. Permanent Identities on the other hand allow you to choose a custom color and are permanent.

That means if you have the Identities 'Work', 'Home', 'Facebook', 'Gmail' and only use each identity for what it was intended, you can keep cookie jars for all of those Identities completely separate!

Another way to think about Identities is if you want to be sure you never cross client accounts on Google or Social Media, you can use a different Identity for each client to keep them straight.

How Does it Work with Proxies?

You can bind a proxy to each Identity with the Ghost Proxy Control extension. You'll always connect through the proxy you select so you can be sure that Identity presents itself consistently every day.

This is great if you need to spot check ads from various locations of if you are working on web development for a site that has multiple versions based on user country.

It will also help you manage multiple social media accounts in a more isolated way and without having to worry if you are crossing IPs.

Organizing Your Identities

For those with a lot of Identities there are some helpful ways to organize and search for your Identities. These include the ability to add a tag to an Identity or search for an Identity by name. You can sort your Identities alphabetically, by creation date or by the ones you use the most. For more information on how to use Identities click here to read the full article in our support portal.

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