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Why You Need to Dump Your Current Browser

Do you ever feel like your browser is working against you? Whether it’s constantly having to log in and out or having so many tabs open that you can’t even tell which is which, can mean it’s a real struggle to get the browser to do what you want it to. It takes 23 minutes…

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Introducing Identity Manager

Today we are releasing the beta version of a feature called Identities. Identities are an evolution of Sessions and will live along side them. While Sessions are not going anywhere, we think that most users will find Identities to be their new ‘go to’ for managing multiple accounts. How to Use It To get started…

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Good Bug Reports Increase Team Productivity

tl;dr Bad bug reports cost your team time. Write and demand good bug reports using this checklist Short specific title Numbered steps to replicate Description of failed expectations Include your thoughts only at the right time Choose correct visual aids (screenshots vs screencasts vs nothing) Get your whole team on board Good Bug Reports Make…

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