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Ghost Browser Premium Pricing Explained

We launched premium pricing for Ghost Browser yesterday and are extremely happy to see that our free beta users see so much value in the browser. We know it’s weird to pay for a browser, but we don’t think it’s weird to pay for a productivity tool – especially one that touches so much of what you do every day – like a browser.

We set out to build a game changing tool that you can use in many ways and always get the benefit of faster, less frustrating work.

We’re glad so many of you agreed!

We want to make a great offer to users who signed up for the beta. Though it’s been a mostly bug free experience, we know there is always some potential frustration in working with Beta versions of software, so it’s our way of saying thanks.

That said, we also want to be able to ensure we pay the bills and don’t commit to something that we can’t support at a high level. So the suggestion that we’ve gotten from a couple people that we just keep it totally free forever probably won’t work. Sorry 🙁

Despite that, in addition to the premium version we also want to have a free version that anyone CAN use for as long as they want. Hence the Freemium model we decided to implement a few weeks ago.

So, while you can always use the free version to your heart’s content, there is also now a premium version that you can use to get unlimited Projects and unlimited Sessions. (Right now the browser can only handle 15 Sessions…if there is demand will come up with more colors on the palette and add more Sessions which will be included in Premium. At this point, 15 seems to meet most people’s needs. For current premium pricing, please go here.

We’re glad to see so many free users have converted to premium and hope more of you will! Strength comes in numbers and we want the Ghost family to be as big as possible!


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