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We’re Crowdsourcing the Design of a Killer Feature

We’re working on some pretty cool stuff. We wanted to let you know what’s coming down the pipe and let you know that we’ve decided to crowdsource the feature design.

We’ll be sharing wireframes, feature ideas and even getting some votes on naming the new features.

If you would like to participate, let us know by filling out the form at the bottom.

But first! A sneak peek at what we’re working on next.

“Projects” Feature

We have a new feature that we are temporarily calling ‘Projects’. We are excited to get it out so we can use it and it’s been highly requested by our beta users too.

It will allow you to save tabs (with as many Ghost Groups as you want) into a “Project” so you can fire them up any time, do some work on a project, then switch to a new project later!

It’s super-charged productivity, so we want to get it out to you quickly (and start using it ourselves) but there are so many directions we can take that we want to include our beta users in the decision making process.

Browser Interface Design

We’re going to be doing some updates to the browser interface. We want to keep a similar layout to Chromium so it is still familiar to you. But we also know that interface design can have a huge impact on your productivity so we want to hear your thoughts on it.

How to Participate


Go here and enter your email to get on the Feature Sneak Peek mailing list to be included in the conversation!

If you don’t want to participate that’s okay too. We still love you! 🙂

Detailed Description of Projects Feature

You will be able to open up several groups of tabs with separate cookie jars and then save them to a project that you can fire up any time and already be logged in with the accounts you were logged in with when you saved them.

Two examples of how this can be used include:

Social Media Managers: Open one client’s social media accounts in purple tabs, the next client’s accounts in green tabs, etc. Save these tab groups to a Project. Then whenever you need to check on their social media, you can just fire up that project. Whether you do it several times per day or just want to fire it up the next day, you’ll spend less time setting it up and more time engaging on Social Media.

Web Developers, Designers and QA Testers: Working on a web site that has multiple account levels? You can log in to the site admin in purple tabs, Premium member account in green tabs, free subscriber in orange tabs and logged out visitor in maroon tabs. Make one code change and see how it affects everyone. Or do your testing on all user accounts at the same time!

Thanks and Help Make This Experiment Great!

Thanks so much for your participation. If you think this is a fun experiment or just want more people to weigh in so we can get this feature out faster, please help spread the word about Ghost Browser. Please upvote us on Product Hunt or use this pre-populated Tweet to share.

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