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Automagically Supercharge Your Productivity

Are you exhausted of logging in & out websites to switch accounts?

If you are as much as we are, you’re going to love the new Ghost Groups.

It works like this: each colored set of tabs is a different group. And each group has it’s own cookie jar. This means you can be logged into the same web site as a bunch of different users – all in one Chromium based browser window.

Pretty slick, right? The possibilities are endless. Let’s go through a couple of them below.

Possibility 1 – Multiple Gmail accounts

You can use Ghost Browser to log into multiple gmail accounts (or into your Google Apps and personal gmail accounts) all at once without any extra screens or surprises.

Ghost Browser for Multiple GMail Account Management

Possibility 2 – Social Media account management

You can also use it to manage multiple clients if you are, for example, a social media manager at an agency. We’re pretty sure some of you are now dancing with the joy of a kid that got a cookie out of grandma’s jar!

Ghost Browser for Social Media Account Management

Or you can open up all social accounts for all of your clients if you want!

Ghost Browser for Multi-Account Management


You can even use Ghost Browser to design, develop or test membership sites (or any site that requires authentication, for that matter) and manage multiple accounts on any site. How good does this sound? You can tell us in the comments 😉
The possibilities are endless, but one thing is clear – if you are a technology professional, Ghost Browser is your new productivity browser.


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