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Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here!

You asked for it, you got it! With the release of Version comes keyboard shortcuts.

We built a custom keyboard shortcuts functionality that allows you to customize a set of commands unique to Ghost Browser functions and your installed extensions in order to speed up your work and boost productivity.

Now you can do things like open a new Session, switch Workspace, activate your favorite extension and more, all with your keyboard instead of having to use your mouse.

To learn how to set your keyboard shortcuts you can read our support article or watch our short demo video below. Thank you to all the users that took the time to write in with this great feature suggestion. Know that your voice is important and we're listening to your feedback. Keep the great ideas coming!



Ghost Browser has been a tremendous help to us. Being able to develop and test for several roles at the same time has given us amazing product development speed and overall a much tighter and productive workflow. It's actually surprising how much we've come to depend on Ghost... even for demos.

Marat Stary
Co-Founder and CEO,
Web Development | QA | Product Demos

Ghost Browser is the future of browsing! It's a great tool for 'power users' as it provides efficient and expanded capabilities for working on many fronts simultaneously where authentication gateways typically cause user pain.

Beau Parry
Founder, BRIVAS

One of the pain points in working with multiple clients, or even one WooCommerce store at a time, is that you've always got to be very particular about what *is* open, what is *not* open: What is the workflow & checkout process for guest sessions vs. logged in customers? What's the 'admin' dashboard looking like for the store owner vs. the 'store manager'...Using Ghost Browser has fixed **EVERY** part of that and made it so much quicker, more efficient, and much more fluid to not get credentials mixed up when going from client to client!!!

Brad Griffin
Multi-Account Management - Woo Commerce :: Premium Subscriber

I enjoy using Ghost Browser every day because it saves me a ton of time by allowing me to login as multiple users at once to test our systems. Plus it is just as stable as all my other browser programs which is great.

Amornsak Pattaraumpornsak
Founder, Comment Co., Ltd.

About two weeks before learning about Ghost Browser, i dropped $500 for an annual license of BrowSEO. Talk about buyer's remorse...if only I'd known sooner I'd be $500 richer because Ghost Browser saves me just as much time.

Spencer Belkofer
Director of Digital Marketing,
SEO :: Premium Subscriber

Thanks to GhostBrowser, I'm able to login to multiple accounts across different platforms and reduce the time switching accounts. I really love the functionality!

Johnny Whitfield
VP, AirFive
Multi-Account Management :: Premium Subscriber

Having social media accounts open in multiple browsers was confusing and time-consuming. With Ghost every account is clearly identified and easy to access. It has made the task of handling multiple social media accounts simultaneously, simple!

John Ryan
Founder, Creating Velocity
Social Media Management

Ghost Browser makes developing, testing, and perfecting our websites so much easier. The ability to log in under different accounts and roles in different tabs in the same browser is incredibly helpful. I don't know why someone didn't come up with this idea before. It seems like a no-brainer. Ghost Browser is an essential part of our team now!

Blue Cobalt
Executive Director, Living Paradise
Web Development | QA

I am able to work with the accounts of several clients without ever having to log in again. By also having a Project dedicated to the company, our workflow is streamlined and time cut in half by not having to always log in to our accounts, as well as the client's accounts.

Franklin Rivera
V2M2 Group, Inc.
Social Media Management :: Premium Subscriber

Sessions are a game changer in terms of productivity, allowing me to work on lots of projects at once without having to worry about any profile crossovers. GhostBrowser is now embedded into all my workflows and an indispensable part of my team, projects and processes.

Tommy Thanasi
Oracle Nova
SEO :: Premium Subscriber

I got Ghost Browser because of the "Sessions" Feature. I hated going into incognito mode to sign into a different social media account / member portal. Then "Projects" came into play and I dropped all my other browsers. Completely satisfied with Ghost Browser, It just works!

James Martinez
Social Media Management :: Premium Subscriber

So far we are really pleased with the Ghost Browser. Session per tab is fantastic for testing different user role for our online registration application. Way to go Ghost!

Patrice Lavallee
Co-Founder, Adeorun inscription en ligne

Been using [Ghost Browser premium] since it started and it just gets better and better, no doubts about it at all now.

Keith Best
Best Business Development
SEO :: Premium Subscriber

I love that I can create a Home base Project that would open and preload certain tabs if I wanted, or I can set up a variety of Projects with specific tabs already set and just open as needed. Also Sessions have really been a lifesaver!

Shae Sweets
Fresh Medley Designs Studio
Web Design | Web Development :: Premium Subscriber

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