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Version Core Update and Maintenance Release

We released version today. The bulk of the work in this release was upgrade of the Chromium core. We are now on Chromium 56.x.

With this comes the first version of Ghost Browser that has implementations of Material Design. Design, especially with browsers is always a personal choice and for each person that loves and update, you’ll have just as many that don’t! We do have faith in the Material Design standard though. It’s been pretty well received industry wide, it’s consciously thought out and well documented. Plus, it’s Google’s ideology now, so they kind of made the choice for us. 🙂

You’ll notice, most obviously a little more breathability between extension icons in the extension tool bar.

Lastly, this release has a few fixes for quirky behavior on popular sites. These fixes came in as a result of bug reports from our users, for which we are very grateful! If you see something that doesn’t seem right with Ghost Browser, you can always let us know here.

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