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The Major Web Browsers are Failing Power Users

Whether you're using Ghost Browser as your default browser or not, I think you'll agree with me when I say this:

The major web browsers are fine for casual web users. But they fail their most powerful users - the people like us that help build the web or rely on web browsers to do our work.

The list of shortcomings is endless

  • No separation of work and life
  • No easy way to manage multiple accounts on one site
  • No clear organizational structure for your tasks
  • You're limited to one single identity at a time due to cookies
  • One IP Address only
  • Too much advertising
  • Too many trackers
  • Tabs: Who can ever read them and decided that's how browsers should work!?

I could go on and you probably could too. It's crazy how under-served power users are by modern browsers.

Well, here's the good news. You don't have to deal with any of the above browser limitations ever again.

Ghost Browser was built with one thing in mind:


And in this article, we'll discuss a few examples of ways you can use Ghost Browser to:

  • Eliminate hours of mundane tasks each week
  • Reduce errors in your work
  • Reduce frustration and stress
  • Maintain concentration
  • Help you deal with client emergencies
  • Improve your relationships at work (seriously!)
  • Keep your daily tasks organized
  • Speed up completion of repetitive tasks

Yes - a web browser can help you do all of that!

But only one that is focused on working for you - instead of against you.

So today we're going to show you how Ghost Browser uses automation, organization and isolation to help you achieve all of these things and more.

Here’s the key point:

You Need to Make Ghost Browser Your Default Browser

You should have Ghost Browser as your default browser for one simple reason: it works for you. Unlike the 'passive browsers' like Chrome and it's well-known competitors, Ghost was built with your productivity in mind.

The other browsers were built with your eyeballs in mind - simple conduits for serving ads and generating revenue off of diverting your attention rather than promoting your concentration.

Here's how Ghost Browser is different.


On a very obvious level, time savings occur through the automation of tasks. Like opening up a bunch of web pages for you that you need to do something. Let’s take the common task of managing personal finances. And we’ll assume that you are efficient enough to batch all of your monthly financial tasks at once.
You might need to open a lot of web pages to take care of business. Depending on your situation, you might need one browser tab each for:

  • Your bank (checking, savings, etc.)Ghost Browser saves you time through automation
  • 4 credit cards or so (that’s about average for Americans.)
  • A PayPal and/or Venmo account
  • Your mortgage holder site
  • Utilities
  • Rent
  • Investment accounts

You get the picture. Every month you need to access these sites, log in and do your thing. With a regular browser, that means remembering all of the accounts you need to access, opening a new tab and typing the URL. (We know there are some bookmark tricks to make this easier, but stick with us for a minute.)


Ghost Browser is different. With Ghost as your default browser, you can just use Workspaces to fire everything up at once.

You just open all of the sites one time then save the tabs into a Workspace. It’s there forever.

You just go back to that Workspace with one click every time you need to manage your finances. You can even lock the Workspace so you know you will start off with your tabs in exactly the right place every time.


There is also an organizational aspect to saving your financial web sites to a Workspace. See, when you have all of those tabs saved to one Workspace, you know you’re not forgetting to pay a bill.


Because all of your tabs are open and you know you need to get through each one before you are done with the task for the month.

So in that sense, it acts like a checklist too. And guaranteeing that you don’t forget a bill all year could save you enough to pay for a full Ghost Browser Premium subscription!

Personal finance is, of course, a simple example. We chose it because everyone can understand it.

Imagine this though:

You are tasked with managing 5 social media properties for each of 20 different clients. You could create a Workspace for each client and the social media sites they use are opened and logged in when you open their Workspace.

No more looking up who has a presence where or trying to remember the right URLs for their page. Because now Ghost Browser does that mundane work for you.

The financial and social media tasks above CAN be done with bookmarks to some extent, we know. And we’re not ignoring that fact.

But with Workspaces, you are not just saving tabs - you’re saving different and that’s where the real power of Ghost Browser comes in.


An Identitiy, as you know gives you a tab with a cookie jar that is isolated from all the rest of them. Among other things, this is what allows you to log in to a single web site with multiple accounts at the same time: A concept we call multilogin.

Ghost Browser keeps cookies isolated from each other

To illustrate the power of isolation, let’s take the example we introduced above: A social media marketer or agency that has 20 clients on 5 different platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

To manage all of those 20 clients you need expensive Agency level plans or some tool or combination of tools that lets you manage multiple social media sites at once. It gets expensive fast.

What’s more, the experience on these tools: like HootSuite and TweetDeck, can get really noisy really fast with all of the real-time updates coming in.

I don’t know about you, but to me, sometimes it feels like I’m trying to read a newspaper in a disco when I try to use those tools.

Imagine a different approach though:

If you have each client set up in their own isolated Workspace, how much easier would it be to service each of your clients?

Say your oldest client, Acme, Inc., just launched a new widget today and you need to tend to the buzz on their social profiles.

You click the “Acme Inc. Social Media” Workspace you created months ago in Ghost Browser from your Workspace list.

Now you have all of their social media properties up. And what’s more, you are already logged in to those sites because Ghost maintains that cookie jar for you.

Suddenly the CEO of Beta Inc., your richest client, calls and says their site is down and social media is blowing up. A quick switch to the “Beta Inc Social Media” Workspace and you have all of THEIR social media up…without the distractions of all the other tabs from Acme and from your day of web browsing.

It’s highly-focused major-league troubleshooting at it’s finest.

This isolation - keeping Acme Inc. separate from Beta Inc. - is good from a concentration perspective. But it also lets you be logged in to both of their Twitter accounts at once.

And it’s not just isolated by Workspace. It’s isolated by Identity too.

Let’s say things are just really busy on Twitter for both companies. You could actually log in to Twitter in both of their accounts at the same time in the same Workspaces. That way you don’t need to keep switching back and forth between Workspaces.

Acme could have the purple tabs and Beta could have the orange tabs, for example. They are both right there and you stay logged in to both. See the screen shot below to see what this would look like.

The isolation of Identities allows you to do this - and makes you the hero for the day with both Acme and Beta!

Ghost Browser uses colored Identity tabs so you can be logged into the same website with multiple accounts.

Those Saved Minutes Add Up Fast

Well, as a tech blogger recently noted in a Ghost Browser review, this is one product that is part of a wave of new productivity tools that will save a couple of minutes a few times per day. Simple math:

If you give some love to 20 social media client accounts 1 time each day and have to log in and out each time you switch, it will take you at least one full minute to get logged out and back in - and that’s if you do it really fast. That adds up to 20 minutes per day. 100 minutes per week (5-day work week). Someone at your company manages it each week so that’s 100 minutes x 52 weeks. It works out to be 5,200 minutes or 86.6 hours per year.

It bears repeating. If you are logging in and out of your clients’ social media accounts to mange them, it’s costing you 86.6 hours per year.It costs you 86.6 hours per year to log in and out of your clients' accounts

And that’s just one simple task that Ghost Browser performs for you.

And the above are just obvious, easy-to-measure time savers.

This is the best part:

How Ghost Browser Helps You Work Better

In addition to time savings, Ghost helps prevent you from making mistakes too. And it might even help you make friends.

Remember, if you make it your default browser, “Ghost Browser will help you get through your work faster and do a better job too”.

And do a better job too.

To understand this one, we need to understand context switching.

Context switching is a term that describes what happens in your brain every time you switch from one task to another.

Context switching has been proven to have all kinds of negative affects on your concentration and ability to do good work as a result of the crazy load it puts on your brain.

In addition to costing you time and up to 40% of your productivity, context switching (what you think is multi-tasking) also increases your error rate. And if you are doing something complex, like programming, it increases it even more.

This is why you need Ghost:

Because if you go from coding, for example, when you have a bunch of variables, data structures and class names in your head, to a task like logging in and out of a web site to see how the changes look to different user levels, bad things happen.

Even a switch that short can cause you to lose everything in your short-term memory and your work falls to pieces like a Jenga game in an earthquake.

So to productively complete complex tasks you can gain an advantage by preventing context switching.

What Has Your Browser Done for You Lately?

It begs the question, doesn’t it?

If you are going to give your browser so much of your day, what is it giving back?

In the case of the big browsers, which are focused on monetizing your browsing history, the answer is “decidedly not enough”.

We want to be different though. We do ask our users to pay for the browser if they are power users. Which is not traditional for sure.

But at the same time, this allows us to be beholden to you and your team - and we're proud to create the tools you need to complete the work that helps you build, and work in the web.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time. Download Ghost Browser now and don't forget to make it your default browser!