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Ghost Browser Supports Great Support Teams

The Client

Frontline Education offers technology solutions and support to more than 12,000 educational organizations and millions of educators and administrators who are on the front line preparing our next generation of leaders.

The Problem

With such a large user base, Frontline needs to handle support requests quickly so their clients can get back to the business of educating their students. But helping clients means needing to log into client accounts so they were only really able to service two clients at once.

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We’ve always been frustrated because of the inability to work with more than one customer at a time.

In addition, since Frontline offers both phone and chat support, they struggled with getting deep work done on tasks not directly related to support. When the phone rang, they would jump on to help their customers and their browser would become cluttered with all of the new tabs.

Frontline recently went through a major overhaul of their systems. They integrated various systems and added security layers, so they need a solution that would honor that transition.

Failed Solutions

Frontline had previously used Chrome with incognito windows but it didn’t work. Not only were they limited to helping two customers at a time, but they would still have to close down all of their incognito windows between customers so that sessions would not get co-mingled.

They also tried Session Box to split session-based logins. “It really didn’t work for us. I was trying to do what Ghost Browser does with it. But it really interfered with our system’s site and security. If I used Session Box, I wasn’t really able to get into one account, let alone be in more than one at a time.”

The Ghost Browser Solution

Now Frontline uses Workspaces and Identities in Ghost Browser.

They can now handle 4-5 clients at a time. Identities allow them to be logged into different client accounts at once so they can handle calls from different school districts at the same time.

Since Frontline is also using Workspaces, they have the ability to multi-task on phone support.

“There are times when you are working between calls, then the phone rings.” Before Ghost Browser, it was hard to work on non-support tasks because of the switching tasks of going from their desk work to a phone call. Now it’s easy to switch tasks and there is no hesitance at taking those calls either."

“If you were working on something really important that you could not afford to stop, you wouldn’t be able to take any calls. Now we have a little more flexibility to stop (and take the call) because we’re not going to lose our work."

It really helps from a customer point of view because we can take more on and help more customers.