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Before planning out your promotion strategy, we would like you to keep one important fact in mind.

The best way for you to maximize your income as a Ghost Browser Partner is to get your referrals to sign up for a trial. If they click through from one of your links and sign up for a trial, they are your referral for life.

However, if they click your link, think about it for a week, then see another Partner’s banner, they might click that before signing up for their trial. Since we use a last click rule in assigning referrals, the other Partner will get credit for them.

We decided do last click and award lifetime commissions because we just want you to get them into the trial flow. That’s an easy sell for you, and by constantly optimizing our on-boarding and trial sign up flow, we know we can handle the conversion.

Now of course, any content you provide your audience about the value that can be gleaned from paying for a browser that is better than any other is going to also increase your conversions. Paying for a browser is a new concept so once your referrals can weigh the pros and cons of it, with your help, more of them will convert.

But to earn commissions you only need to convert them on the trial.

So the best advice we can give you is this: Sell the free trial! It’s a low barrier to entry for your referrals and it locks you into their purchases for the lifetime of their account.

Could it be any easier?

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