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Now, before we get into the list of topic ideas for your unique content about Ghost Browser, let's make one thing clear. As an expert in your field, you already likely have a leg up on us. Unless your topic is building awesome browsers, you probably know more about it than us. So let this list serve as inspiration and keep your audience, and their biggest pain points, in mind while you think of content you want to create.

With that in mind, let's get to the this list. This list is derived from questions we get from actual customers and potential customers, so any topics that you feel you can talk about expertly are going to be a good match and will help you get more referrals!


  • Logging into multiple gmail accounts to handle work flows better and keep all of your docs, drives and emails separate
  • Logging into multiple Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social accounts to manage clients' accounts or your many accounts at the same time.
  • Logging into multiple account levels on a site you are building. This is especially helpful with e-commerce sites, membership sites and other sites that have different user levels or states.
  • QA testing or adding member-level based content to those same sites with multiple user levels.
  • Adding a WordPress, Joomla or Shopify 'angle' to any of these web site topics will make it a nice niche article that can rank high in search engines. Mention a specific membership plugin in your article to make it even more niche!
  • We really don't know much about this but apparently people like using Ghost to play online games in multiple sessions or buy sneakers when a new release drops.
  • We take multi-login even further with Ghost Proxy Control - an extension that lets users assign a different proxy to each tab, Session or Identity. And you get commissions when your referrals purchase it as well!


  • Tab bloat is a major problem and a lot of people know they have it. Ghost lets you separate your browser tabs into different Workspaces so you can focus on one thing at a time without losing your 100s of other tabs and without needing to keep them all open.
  • Many of us do repetitive tasks every day. Constantly opening up your tabs is mundane and breaks your concentration. This is another way that keeping related tabs in one Workspace can help. Just pop the Workspaces for the task you need to do and you are on your way!
  • The web is filled with distractions from Facebook to blogs to sports score updates. Putting all of these tabs into one Workspace (I call mine 'Distractions') will ensure you have access to them when you want them, but they won't interrupt you when you don't.
  • Email is the biggest of those distractions. All web-based email programs should be used wisely, not checked dozens of times every day pulling your brain away from the deep work you really need to be doing.

Industry and Product Based Topics

Many industries and products particularly lend themselves to using Ghost Browser. Are you an expert in any of these?

  • WordPress and other CRMs like Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Shopify all have over 10 million sites on line.
  • SalesForce and other 'business operating system' software like ServiceNow, Google Apps and Zoho have many user levels as well.
  • Server Admins often have many Amazon AWS accounts and use Ghost to manage them all at once.
  • E-commerce site owners and developers using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify and BigCommerce have multi-login needs as well.
  • SEOs who need to check 'pure' Google results in a fresh Session or facilitate interactions between their social accounts or network sites could use it too!
  • Customer Support Representatives who need to be logged into their own account and a few different client accounts at the same time also need it.
  • Social Media managers can have one Workspace for each client and stay logged into all of their client accounts - no matter how many they have to manage.
  • QA Testers love Ghost - put each issue in a Workspace and with one click everything is there when you need it.
  • Same for web developers who want to see what their new code looks like for different user levels.
  • Even accountants can use it to log into all of their client's PayPal accounts to download statements in one quick Session.
  • Sales teams save tabs they need for each client presentation into one Workspace so they can easily access them during meetings without clutter from other browser tabs.
  • AdTech - Ghost Browser and Ghost Proxy Control is great for easily getting a tab with a fresh IP that will let you test geo-located ads.

Competitive Landscape

Many tech web sites claim browsers are innovating when they shave a tenth of a second off of a page load time, but in reality, the last major innovation outside of Ghost and some other alternative browsers was when Chrome released the extension store. Other than what's really changed? Ghost has and we're trying to create a browser that makes it easier on people who work in their browsers. This is a topic that you can cover and ride off of other posts about the big four browsers that are really only fake news.


Privacy is a huge issue with browsers these days. Our users put their Facebook and Google accounts in one Session and browse the web in other sessions to keep their browsing private from these trackers. We also have a lot of anti-fingerprinting features that prevent ad networks from following users around the web. In addition users can assign a different proxy to each tab, session or Workspace, a feature that makes them appear to be coming from different locations based on their IP address.

So as you can see, there is a lot to cover. Explain any of this to your audience and they'll not only love you for it...they help build up your commission levels too! Let us know if there are any topics you would like to explore with us!


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