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There are three options for posting links on your web site and other properties.

  1. Direct Links – Under the links tab on the Partner Resources page, you can add the URLs of properties you own. Once you do that and we approve the URLs, you will earn credit for any referrals that come from that domain, which is great because then you do not need to use affiliate links to get commissions. Simply link to our site and you are good to go!
  2. Link Generator – Under the links tab on the Partner Resources page, enter any URL on our web site as well as any campaign name you would like to use. The generator will give you a properly formatted link with your Partner ID in it that will generate commissions for you. Just copy the link that is generated and use it to refer people to Ghost Browser.
  3. Ad Creatives – Under the Creatives tab on the Partner Resources page, grab the HTML for any of our dozens of IAB standard sized ads and paste it directly into your properties. Please do not just save the image and upload it to your properties. You must use the provided HTML, unmodified, to ensure you get commissions for your referrals.

If you would like to request specific ad creatives or have any questions at all about links, please email


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