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Version Release Notes

We've released version of Ghost Browser and have a couple of updates in particular that we would like to point out.

First, we've re-worked how we switch your browser from one Workspace to another to create a faster and smoother switching experience. You will now be - and feel - even more productive when switching from one Workspace to another.

The second major change is that starting with this version, we now have both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version available for Windows users. If you are currently on 32-bit and would like to switch, simply uninstall Ghost Browser, then re-install the 64-bit version from our download page. By default, you can uninstall the browser without losing your Workspaces, Session or Identity data. There is an option to remove this user data during the uninstall process, but as long as you leave it unchecked, you will be ok.

Version also includes a new option to open a link into an Identity. You can do this by right clicking any link. This feature has always existed for Sessions but we now have it for Identities as well.


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