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Version Update Brings Sync and Identity Manager Improvements

Version was released today and has one major new feature: Private Data Sync and many improvements including better ways to manage your Identities.

Private Data Sync is a new experimental feature that allows you to store data from your browser to a storage location of your choosing (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and use that to sync your Ghost Browser data across devices. This feature is described in detail in its own post here.

In addition, we’ve added the ability to search, sort and tag your Identities. This will make it much easier to quickly find and open a tab in the Identity of your choosing.

(Sidenote: If you are using Sessions more than Identities, you really should check out the difference between them here.)

Sorting of Identities can happen based on time created, frequency of usage or alphabetically by name.

If that’s not enough organization – and it probably will not be – you can use the search box that is now pinned to the top of your Identity Manager extension dropdown. Just start typing any string and your Identity list will be filtered in place.

And if you have searches that you need to run frequently, consider a tag instead. Tags you’ve added to your Identities will appear at the top of your Identity list, so with one click you can filter down to the Identities you most frequently need to find. Here’s a look at it!

In addition to Private Data Sync and Identities improvements, Version also has the following improvements.

  • Fix for crashes on Mojave and later macOS versions when engaging the microphone in apps like Loom and Google Hangouts.
  • Fix for graphics loading on Google Earth
  • Fix for
  • Improvements to QuickTabs performance
  • Improvements to make the scale spoofing privacy feature persistent in your Sessions and Identities between restarts.
  • Improvements for Catalina compatibility.

We hope you enjoy the new update. We would love to hear your feedback on these new features. As always, you can reach us here anytime to submit feedback or ask for something else!

(Also if your browser has not updated yet, make sure your firewall software is not blocking the update. Instructions for that are here.)

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