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Site-Based Silos Enhance Privacy Against Nosy Web Sites

Today we are releasing a new feature called Silos. Silos help you enhance your privacy by isolating specific web sites to their own separate and “siloed” Identities.

For example, if you are browsing the web in one Identity and don’t want Facebook to be aware of the other tabs in that Identity, you can add Facebook to a Silo and it will always open in a Siloed Identity dedicated just for that site.

This feature will help you automatically reduce how much of your web browsing can be viewed by sites that infamously track you.

Please note, of course, that comprehensive privacy is a much different story. Other web sites install code from sites like Google and Facebook, so it’s difficult to completely remove all tracking from these monster data gatherers unless you’re much more intentional about your privacy features. Still, we hope that Silos will make your browsing history less transparent and more protected against prying eyes.

To enhance the privacy gains of site-based Silos, you can also set a dedicated proxy to be used only in that Siloed Identity.

It’s important to note that Silos are not a good solution for users who are social media managers or in general shouldn’t be used for a site if you manage multiple accounts on that website since Silos are generally best used when you have only one or at most two accounts for a specific website.

For full instructions on how to use Silos, please see this article in our support portal.

For more information on how to assign a proxy to always be used in a specific Identity, please see this article.


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