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Private Data Sync for Workspaces, Identities, Tabs, Proxies and Cookies Among Release Improvements

Today we are releasing version with a lot of improvements that we think you will love!
The biggest improvements are to our Private Data Sync (PDS) tools. In case you missed it, we released initial versions of PDS earlier this year with limiting data types able to be synced to a data storage service (like Dropbox, OneDrive or Blockstacks) of your choice to put you in more control of that data. That release had limited data types that you could sync.

Private Data Sync - New Data Types

But Private Data Sync now also allows you to link your browser data on multiple computers so you have an even closer replication of your experience no matter what computer you log into Ghost Browser on.

Today's update greatly expands on the data that you can sync. You can now sync:

  • Bookmarks (previously released)
  • Your Identities list (previously released)
  • Workspaces
  • Proxies
  • Sessions
  • Tabs
  • Cookies (and they will be in the same Sessions and Identities you created them in.
So, basically, whatever experience you have on one computer, you will have almost exactly on another. This will achieve two things:

  1. Giving you a consistent experience no matter what computer you are on.
  2. Allowing you to sync with another colleague so they can use your set up (if they are using the same log in as you at different times.)
We are very excited to launch these sync data types as they have been highly requested.

Other Improvements

We've reworked the code that controls proxies in Ghost Proxy Control and Sessions to improve the syncing of these items so that the default names, the colors and and the Session order and colors will more accurately sync.

  • The above changes will also improve the experience of proxy allocation when you make changes in Ghost Proxy Control. Please be aware if you delete any proxy all assigned with this proxy Identities and Sessions will loose it too.
  • We've added the ability to open a new Identity and Duplicate a tab into an Identity from the page context menu.
  • We've fixed the data import from Chrome to fix the importing of your passwords saved in Chrome. (These are of course imported from your local machine and never hit our servers).
  • We've made improvements so if you downgrade your license plan any tabs you have that exceed your new Sessions or Identities limits will not open into a global session. Now they will just have a blocking page with an explanation of the reason it's there so you don't accidentally open any tabs with IP from your Global session.
  • New shortcut added to open a tab in a new Identity.

Public API Changes

We've major changes to the initial version of our public API. If you are using the API, please see this update.

Other Notes

You will now see a new ID listed next to new Sessions. This is for sorting purposes and to provide you with a new experience. Don't let it worry you! If you change the name of a Session this ID will go away.

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