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Changes to Feature Names

Today's release introduces some name changes to the various types of tabs in the browser. These changes can be seen in the browser Sidebar, in context menus and of course in our support documentation.

In short, we've renamed 'Sessions' - they are now called 'Temporary Identities'. Where we use the term 'Permanent Identities' or just 'Identities' we are referring to the Identities that you've been using in the Identity Manager extension. The 'Default Identity' is what we used to call the Global Session.

We've added handy tooltips to the Sidebar to give you a detailed explanation of what each type of Identity does.

Sometimes we will use the term 'Identities' to refer to both 'Temporary Identities' and 'Permanent Identities' as a whole. We'll always strive to make that distinction clear.

Why the change?

Based on some recent and upcoming changes we felt it was important that the names of our special isolated tabs reflected the fact that:

  1. Each one has its own cookie jar and thus its own Identity.
  2. The primary distinction between the two main types of Identities is in their persistence - temporary or permanent.

Further, all special sessions are now categorized in the same way - as Identities - making it easier for users to understand that they all do the same thing with some variation in how it's implemented.

This change allowed us to rename a lot of the functions in the (right-click) context menus so that they are consistent across menus, making them easier to find. It also allowed us to reduce the number of context menu items to streamline your experience.

For clarification of the different types of Identities and what they do, please the chart below.


As with any new feature, we know this will take a little bit to get used to, but we think it will make your experience easier in the future. We hope you agree, but please feel free to send any feedback to


  1. Peter O. on March 5, 2021 at 2:20 pm

    Excellent. It is more intuitive and important to quickly make the distinctions. Good stuff!

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