Bulk Licenses on Ghost Browser

If you’ve ever wanted your entire team to enjoy the productivity benefits of Ghost Browser, it is now much easier than ever.

We just introduced two new features to the web interface that will help you and your team gets set up and manage a bulk-license account.

The first thing you’ll notice is this: from the Premium upgrade page you will be able to select a number of licenses that you want to purchase during checkout.

Then on the account page of the person who originally signed up for the licenses, you will find an interface for managing each license.

Simply enter the e-mail address of the person that you want to assign a license to. They will receive an email with a license key and instructions for getting started with Ghost Browser.

If you ever need to revoke the license you can do that from the account page as well. Just find the email address of the person whose license you want to revoke and click “revoke”.

Our goal was to make this super simple for our enterprise clients. We think you’ll agree after watching how it’s done in the video below.

Eventually we will be adding bulk license discounts but the current pricing of $15/month or $10/month when paid annually is still early adopter pricing and they price will never get that low after we come out of the early adopter phase.

If you do get a bulk license now, your team will enjoy the current pricing for the life of your subscription.

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